Benefits & Features

  1. Mark class attendance quickly
  2. More time for lessons
  3. No more class attendance sheets
  4. No need to manually submit class attendance
  5. Instantly checks student attendance
  6. Auto-class attendance report generation
  7. Add student attendance remarks
  8. Support student temperature recording
  9. Office can broadcast messages to classes
  10. Customizable user interface
  11. Remotely configurable
  12. Integrated teachers & visitors attendance tracking

Checking Student Attendance

Software Components

  1. BePunctual Server Software
    Main students management software. Runs as a Windows service..
  2. BePunctual Classroom Station Software Software for marking class attendance and student temperature recordings. To install on each classroom PC.
  3. BePunctual Automator Software (Optional) Automation modole for automatic report generation.
  1. Minimium System Requirements
  2. Windows 2000, XP or Vista.
  3. 1 GB RAM, 20 MB hard disk space.

Record Student Temperature